Marple Morning Care in Full Swing

The Marple Aftercare Morning gang was hard at work to create the most unique cup tower. Several different attempts yielded this masterpiece of balance and team work. Mr. Brennan offered some advice from his Art, Design, and Computer Science engineering background but the true talent was with the gifted Lila Leach.  The creativity of the staff and children is on display every morning starting at 7AM until they are transported to school.  If you have a need for morning care please inquire and schedule a tour.  Program opens at 7AM and currently includes transportation to Loomis, Russel, Manoa, & Chatham Park Elementary schools. Our conscientious and well trained staff also is involved with our Summer Camp. Program highlights include Arts & Crafts, Sports, group games and more.  

Contact Patty Henning at: 610-338-0111 Ex 1 for more information.

Before & Aftercare